Writing Events Hosted by Kelly Writers House

The Writers House is proud to host a number of ongoing writing and reading groups. For more information about joining the following groups, contact the
group organizers listed below.

A journal of feminism, gender,  and sexuality. For more information contact fwordinfo@gmail.com.

Jabberwocky: Writing for Children
Interested in writing for kids — stories, poetry, picture books?

Jabberwocky will bring together all those interested in writing,
illustrating, or otherwise being involved in the world of literature for  children. If you’ve ever considered writing for kids, come check out  Jabberwocky! For more
information please contact both Tracy Byford at tbyford@sas.upenn.eduand Kermit Oswald III at chaosthethird@gmail.com.

A Lacan discussion group. For more info contact Patricia Gherovici at pgherovici@aol.com.

Penn Appetit
A journal of food and food writing. For more information contact

Penn and Pencil Club
A creative writing workshop for Penn employees. For more information, contact
Luellen Fletcher at luellen@upenn.edu.

Pennomicon is a writing group for those who create worlds of fantasy,
science fiction and horror. Whether your medium is short story, novel, or screenplay, bring an idea to discuss, pages to read, or a writer’s block to smash, in the company of like minded visionaries. Please contact Matthew Spizuco (pennomicon@comcast.net) for details.

Penn Review is the premier mainstream magazine devoted to the literary
and visual arts on Penn’s campus. The magazine accepts literary and visual arts
submissions for annual publication. For more information, contact pennreview@gmail.com.

The Plays’ The Thing
An open-ended monthly play reading and thinking group, designed to get people together to study the genre of writing for theater and to share
and discuss their work. For more info contact Amy Freeman at plays.philadelphia@gmail.com.

Writers Workshop
For writers, published or working in that direction, interested in sharing their stories while giving and receiving feedback. This is a mixed genre group —
fiction writers, memoirists, creative nonfiction writers and essayists.
Writing is submitted via the Internet, but critiqued in person using a
traditional writers workshop format with scheduled meetings. For more
information, please contact Martha Turner (m-turner@verizon.net).

Suppose An Eyes
A  poetry workshop where poets can come to share and discuss their work. For
more information contact Pat Green at patricia78@aol.com.

34th Street Poets
Meets weekly to workshop poems that range from experimental forms to carefully crafted sonnets.

Virginia Woolf Discussion Group
For Virginia Woolf, the politics is in the writing. With this in mind, our
discussions will focus on Woolf’s language and how it functions in her
texts. For more information, contact Judith Allen at woolfgroup@mindspring.com.

Write On!
Is a group for Penn students working with middle school students on expository and creative writing projects. For more information contact wh@writing.upenn.edu.


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