Online Critique Group is Live!

 Well, it’s taken some time but the Area 6 Online Critique Group is live. Since many of us cannot meet in person and Area 6 is so large, we found this any easier way to exchange work, ideas, and hone in on our craft.

It’s part of our Yahoo Area 6 Group( You must be a member of Pennwriters to join the loop. If you are not yet a member please contact Pennwriters @

Examples of a scene and it’s critique are in the folders section. There is also a folder on the Rules of the group. Information and links to the group will permanently be listed in the Critique Section of this blog, you can find it on the right over there.

Pennwriters Area 6 Online Critique Rules

We are all here to learn and grow in our craft. We are here to establish relationships as writers and exchange information. No harsh language, extremely negative feedback, or arguing will NOT be tolerated.  You can choose the work you’d like to review, one close to your genre, one that piqued your interest, or something completely different from what you write, but know that it is expected that you reciprocate the critique within a reasonable time period.

1. Post up to one scene or chapter of your work at a time (following standard manuscript guidelines).

2. Be sure to label the file correctly. The title, genre, and your name.

3. Feedback is provided with the best intent. Three positive aspects and three areas of focus for revision.  Focus on the positive and how to improve the piece.

4. If your work is being reviewed, keep an open mind. Don’t respond to the feedback initially. Let it settle, take in all comments equally. If something has offended you email the moderator. It is not to be discussed on the loop. Doing so will result in the dismissal of the group. However, use the group loop to spark conversation about how to critique, something you’d like help working on, etc.

5. Use the examples in the files as a format for Standard MS formatting and how to implement your feedback. You can list your feedback only or go further and make track changes and comments in more detail. The choice is yours. The type of critique you give will more than likely be the type you receive back.

6. Have fun and hone your craft!

7. Any questions, email Charli using the contact page here.

Also, this online group is a way for us to meet online but you can always arrange to meet up in person as well. I am hoping this sparks such dialogue and on evenings or weekend afternoons we can get together and chat throughout Area 6.

Head on over to the group now and get started, post something, introduce yourself. I look forward to reading your work and getting to know you better through your prose.

Charli Mac


One response to “Online Critique Group is Live!

  1. This is a great idea! Way to go Charli! Let’s start sharing!

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