I am from Philly. I am a writer.

Everyday I truck into work on the EL. During the summer I nickname it the UTI Rail. The scent of humidified urine, ahh. It should be a Glade Plug-In scent.

I meet the darndest characters here. Listening to my MP3, or reading a book, I  get into the zone. It’s a 20 minute trek to my 9-5. Here is where the gusto to finally write came, to get that idea out of my head and on paper. Listening to some Dave Matthews, my muse took over.

That was last July, and here I am.  I love, absolutely love writing. Creating my little world, carving out personalities.- it’s what gets me going everyday. I even got this blogging bug. Talking about writing is almost as much fun as actually doing it. Meeting other aspiring scribes, exchanging ideas, learning, and molding our craft… I could go on for days.

What drives you to write, how did you get here, reading this blog, listening to my rant?  Where are you from in area 6? Tell me about yourself. Let’s all get to know one another better.

Also, let me know of an event you’d like to have. Something where we can all try to come together. A weekly blog post? A monthly scribe session?

I can’t wait to hear from you.


2 responses to “I am from Philly. I am a writer.

  1. Hey Charli – so glad to have you as our new Area 6 leader. I met up with Pennwriters while living and writing in Chester County PA. I can’t wait to see what you cook up!

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