Call for Volunteers

OPEN: Pennwriters Area 6 Representative

Pennwriters is seeking a volunteer for Area 6 Representative. If you’re looking for the chance to connect with writers and support Pennwriters, we want to hear from you. The job is rewarding and the primary duties are simple:

1) Serve on the Board of Directors at Pennwriters
2) Coordinate Area 6 Meetings
3) Act as a liaison and information source for area members and Pennwriters as a whole

Ready to help? Want to volunteer for a small task rather than a full position? Please contact Pennwriters today.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

Jade Blackwater

Pennwriters Vice President


If you would like to volunteer please contact Jade Blackwater to learn more.

To learn about Pennwriters and the great stuff we do, visit our Pennwriters website and Follow @Pennwriters on Twitter.


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