Promotional Idea

I came up with an idea to promote an event I’ve got coming up in the Philly area. I thought I’d share it here at Pennwriters. posts a free story once a day for people who like to read using their iphone, ipod touch, or other mobile device. Since the cellstories people need a new story every day they welcome submissions of any kind. They don’t pay, so it’s not worth it to send in a brand new story that hasn’t been published before, but if you’ve got the rights to a previously published story, you could send it in and ask that they publish it just before your event as a teaser. They like very short stories, around 2000 words, because it’s for phone readers.

Even if it doesn’t automatically get more people out to the event, it is exposure for your other online activities so it’s worth the effort.

They’re going to publish my story, The Club, which is part of my short story collection, Uncategorized, on Friday, Feb. 26.

If anybody else tries this, I’d be interested to hear about the results.


Sue Lange


4 responses to “Promotional Idea

  1. Sounds like a cool opportunity – thanks for sharing Sue! I too would be interested in hearing from others who give this a try.


  2. Sue:

    Awesome idea!

    I keep a file of promotional ideas, and this was a new one!

    Hope you have more coming.

    PW Area 3

  3. Heidi,

    When you compile your ideas into an ebook, I’ll buy a copy. In fact if you have a section just for marketing ebook fiction, I’ll buy it right now in whatever form it’s in!

  4. This is a GREAT idea. We can always use another trick up our sleeves when it comes to promoting our work.

    And, Heidi–maybe you are willing to share some of the goodies in your file?

    Cheers, Ash

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