New Location for the Pennwriters Philadelphia Critique Group

The Pennwriters Philadelphia Critique Group will now hold meetings at its new location:

525 S. 4th. St., Philadelphia, PA.  The building is on 4th St. between South St. and Lombard.  Take the elevator to the second floor; meetings will be held in the conference room.

The next meeting of the Pennwriters Philadelphia Critique Group (Coordinated by Pennwriters President Lisa Diane Kastner) will be held on Saturday, February 13 at 3 PM.

Critique Groups are open to all Pennwriters members.  If you are not a Pennwriters member you are invited to join us for up to three meetings and then we ask that you join.

Critique Rules:

1. Bring up to five pages of prose (following standard manuscript guidelines) to be read silently by your fellow attendees. Remember to bring multiple copies to share.
2. Initially, fellow writers will read the work silently and then provide feedback.
3. Feedback is provided with the best intent. Three positive aspects and three areas of focus for revision.  Focus on the positive and how to improve the piece.
4. If your work is being reviewed, keep an open mind. Don’t respond to the feedback initially. Wait until the last person has provided input and then you are welcome to ask questions.

This critique group is one of the many perks of joining Pennwriters.  To learn more about Pennwriters and its members, visit us at

Questions, comments, inquiries?  Contact coordinator Lisa Diane Kastner at lisadkastner[at]gmail[dot]com.

Read you there!


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