Interviews, Q&A, and NY Times Best-Sellers

Here’s the Monday scoop from Pennwriters:

Members are invited for today’s Pennwriters Presents event where we have the unique opportunity for an exclusive question-and-answer session with author Jamie Ford.  Mr. Ford became a NY Times Best-Selling author with his 2009 debut novel Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (a great read – seriously, pick it up and enjoy).

If you’re looking for more authorly insight, check out this interview by Pennwriters President Lisa Diane Kastner featuring Mecca Jamilah Sullivan.   Sullivan is one of the instructors at Running Wild Writers, which has just started their February 2010 fiction writers workshop.  The March 2010 workshop Telling Tales, The Elements of the Short Story with Mecca Jamilah Sullivan will begin March 2 – learn details and register at Running Wild Writers.

And in other news, author, Pennwriters member, and all-around-superstar-supporter-of-writers Jonathan Maberry also joined the NY Times Best-Seller ranks with his co-authorship of Marvel Zombies Return (Marvel Comics).   Originally published as a 5-issue limited series by Marvel, the wild and crazy super-hero zombie action-comedy (say that five times fast) was written by Fred Van Lente (Spider-Man) , Jonathan Maberry (Patient Zero, The Wolfman), David Wellington (Monster Island, Frost Bites) and Seth Grahame-Smith (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies).  Marvel Zombies Return was released as a hardback Graphic Novel collection at the end of December and continues to gain sales momentum.

Did we whet your appetite?  In that case, join us for the Annual Pennwriters Conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this May 2010.  For details, read this interview with Conference Coordinator Ayleen Stellhorn, and visit the Pennwriters website to register.

Have a great, creative week everyone!


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