#7: Top Ten Reasons to Attend the 2010 Pennwriters Conference

#7… Great Value for Your Money

Registration for the 2010 Pennwriters Conference, May 14 – 16 in Lancaster, PA, opened January 11, 2010, and with apologies to a certain late night host, we’d like to present the top ten reasons to attend this year’s conference – in reverse order, of course.

The #7 reason to attend the 2010 Pennwriters Conference: great value for your money.

At $225 for members for three days of programming, Pennwriters still has one of the most reasonable fees for writers conferences nationwide. We also allow conference goers to pick and choose from a variety of extras so they can tailor their costs to their wallets. The base price of $225 includes breakfast Saturday, the keynote lunch Saturday, 10 workshops (we’ve got about 40 to choose from), agent/editor pitch appointments and read-and-critiques (available on a first-registered, first-assigned basis), author tea and book signing, and of course all the coffee you care to drink.

Optional add-ons for Friday include your choice of a networking lunch or the Published Author’s Luncheon with special guest former Random House editor Liz Scheier, the Friday keynote dinner with James Rollins, Saturday night’s masquerade “Heroes and Villians,” and a breakfast buffet on Sunday.

But as they tell you in the television commercials, it’s those intangibles – connections with a top-notch agent, the possibility of avoiding the slush pile, finding the perfect critique partner, discovering a writers group that meets near your home, learning whether an MFA is for you – that are priceless.

To learn more, visit www.pennwriters.com, follow us on Twitter, or become our fan on Facebook.

Stay tuned for #6……


2010 Pennwriters Conference – The Writer’s Craft
May 14 – 16, 2010
Eden Resort, Lancaster, PA
Ayleen Stellhorn, Pennwriters 2010 Conference Coordinator


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