Writers Capture the Audience at Blog Carnivals

Color Celebration, Copyright © 2009 Jade Leone BlackwaterAre you a writer?  Do you blog?  If you answered yes, then it’s time to step right up and join the carnival!  …a Blog Carnival, that is!

What’s a blog carnival?

A blog carnival is a regular publication hosted at rotating locations online.  Each publication for a blog carnival celebrates a specific topic with a cache of links to blog posts, articles, photographs, podcasts, and other creative media which relate to the blog carnival topic.

What’s the benefit to writers?

If you are a writer, the blog carnival is a fantastic opportunity to capture a broad swath of the world wide audience online.  Popular blog carnivals attract hundreds if not thousands of readers.  The location of the publication changes with each issue which attracts new readers every month.

How do you participate?

Participation is simple: create a blog post related to the blog carnival topic.  Publish your creation at your blog or website.  Submit the link to your creation to the blog carnival host / coordinator.  Once the blog carnival is published, create an announcement at your blog with a link to the issue.

Why the excitement about blog carnivals?

Blog carnivals give writers the opportunity to network with other creative professionals and attract new readership.  I am one of three coordinators for The Festival of the Trees, a monthly blog carnival which has been celebrating trees and forests since 2006 with over 40 issues online.

This month The Festival of the Trees is hosted by one of the original founders, Dave Bonta of Plummer’s Hollow, Pennsylvania.  If you are new to blog carnivals, The Festival of the Trees is a great place to get started.


Create a tree-related blog entry, post it online, and send us the link. It’s that simple!

Deadline (Festival #42): November 29, 2009

Email links to: bontasaurus [at] yahoo [dot] com with “Festival of the Trees” in the subject line, or use the Contact Form.

Details: (http://festivalofthetrees.wordpress.com)

Host blog: Via Negativa (http://www.vianegativa.us)

*     *     *

Questions?  Contact Jade Blackwater at trees [at] brainripples [dot] com.


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