Reminder: Pennwriters Philadelphia Critique Group Meeting in Center City this Sunday

This is a reminder that the new Pennwriters Philadelphia Critique Group will meet this Sunday, June 21 at 3 PM in the West end Coffee Tea N Spa at 2107 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA. 19103.  Adult writers at all levels are welcome to join us.
Critiquing Rules:
1. Bring up to five pages of prose to be read silently by your fellow attendees. Remember to bring multiple copies to share.
2. Initially, fellow writers will read the work silently and then provide feedback.
3. Feedback is provided with the best intent. Focus on the positive and how to improve the piece.
4. If your work is being reviewed, keep an open mind. Don’t respond to the feedback initially. Wait until the last person has provided input and then you are welcome to ask questions.

Please contact us to be connected with the facilitator Lisa Kastner.

To learn about other Pennwriters Critique Group meetings in southeastern Pennsylvania, please visit our Critique Group page.


3 responses to “Reminder: Pennwriters Philadelphia Critique Group Meeting in Center City this Sunday

  1. ellenbrandtphd

    I got so excited when I saw you with me on the Interactivity selection page at Word Press!

    I was hoping you were all AT Penn. I have all three degrees from Penn.

    Oh, well. Maybe some of you are. Here’s the blog – doing very well – that got me into the Interactivity feed:

    I Don’t Like What You Wrote. You Should be Stabbed With Stiletto Heels, Have Vultures Eat Your Liver

  2. Hi Ellen, thanks for stopping by! In fact, Pennwriters includes writers from all over the place. Pennwriters was formed in Pennsylvania, so I’m sure that some of our members are your fellow Penn alumni. Thanks for the blog link; also, Lifestories Limited looks like a cool project – I hope to hear more in the future.

    Jade Blackwater

  3. PS – Ellen, you may be interested in Kelly Writers House
    at the University of Pennsylvania. Here is a link to their webpage:

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