My New Local TV Show to Feature Books and Authors

My community TV show, Prose Jam, is debuting tonight. Our community station (BCTV) has graciously given me a half hour monthly slot. Right now it’s more like every other month, but that’s only temporary according to the program director. I think we’re waiting for one of the regular producers to either take their show national or kick the bucket. Basically I’m just grateful for whatever they give me.

The purpose of Prose Jam is to promote book reading as well as highlight local authors. Local meaning Reading, PA. For tomorrow night’s show, I’ve invited Clemson Page (Up Home Book One: Stedman) to be my guest. I also went out and videoed a bunch of residents as to what they’re currently reading. It was a lot of fun and I snagged a prize for the show’s Name That Book contest. Carol, the proprietor of Sweet Surprises in Reading, is donating a pound of their wonderful homemade fudge for the contest. I have to say these folks are quite creative in their fudging. I found them last Thanksgiving when I was out shopping for thank you gifts and at that time they had this incredible pumpkin fudge. I’ve been hooked on this store ever since then. Around Christmastime they had cranberry. The last time I was in there I got some of their cappuccino fudge. These people are geniuses and I really wish I could participate in the contest myself, but since I already know the answer, I guess it wouldn’t be fair.

Tonight is not exactly the first episode of Prose Jam. I did a pilot for the show back in February. Fellow Pennwriter, Carol J. Haile, was the guest on that show and I will be eternally grateful to her for helping me with that. If you’ve been keeping up with the blog here, you know that Carol is also an illustrator and calligrapher. She designed a great logo for the show for which I am also eternally grateful to her. I’m really racking up the favors that I owe her.

To watch this evening’s show, tune in to BCTV (In Reading: 13 on Comcast; 19 on Service Electric Cablevision; On the Internet: at 8pm EST.

My next guest (June 9th) will be another fellow Pennwriter: Jack Hillman.
Hopefully I’ll be able to get more of you scheduled in the future.

Stay tuned,

Sue Lange


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