Copyediting Resources from Melanie Gold

Are you a writer trying to edit your work, or a copyeditor looking for ideas and resources?  Perhaps you’re simply a grammar geek who is always open to “one more book” to add to the shelf.

Regardless of your background, Pennwriters member Melanie Gold offers an excellent collection of resources for writers and editors drawn from her years of experience.  Check out her two part series of articles:


Your turn: what / who / where are your favorite copyediting resources and tools?  Share in the comments!


2 responses to “Copyediting Resources from Melanie Gold

  1. Good topic, Melanie.

    My favorite copyediting tool is: Cathy Kemelmacher (NYC). I just recently hired her to do copyediting work for me. She did an excellent job and has very reasonable rates. Unfortunately she does not have her webpage up yet, so I can’t list her contact info.

    I will post that info here as soon as she joins the Internet revolution.

  2. Hey, it’s April 2009 and I just discovered that links to my blog were published in August 2008.

    I’m currently developing a class for writers who want to produce cleaner manuscripts, and for people wanting to break into book copyediting. Stay tuned for that in summer 2009. Anyone interested can contact me through my LinkedIn profile.


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