Announcement: Pennwriters Area 6 Member Ash Krafton

Please join me in congratulating Pennwriters Area 6 member Ash Krafton as the Grand Prize Winner for the 2008 Maryland Writers Association Novel Contest.

Ash Krafton took First Prize in the Science Fiction / Fantasy / Speculative section for her urban fantasy novel Bleeding Hearts, which went on to win the overall Grand Prize for the contest.   You can learn more about the Maryland Writers Association at their website.

Ash Krafton also recently received the distinction of second honorable mention in the 2008 Cassell Network of Writers / Florida Freelance Writers Association (CNW/FFWA) Writing Competition in both the Poetry and Nonfiction categories for her works “Six Words for Edgar” and “The Dry Sink.”

To learn more about her work, take a peek at Ash Krafton’s MySpace page.  Ash Krafton prefers a light-hearted approach to life, and tries not to take anything too seriously.  Stay tuned: in August we’ll be interviewing Ash right here at the Pennwriters Area 6 HQ blog.

Again, congratulations!


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