2014 Pennwriters Conference


I am pleased to announce that registration for the 27th Annual Pennwriters Conference is now open. Kami Garcia, NYT Bestselling Author of Beautiful Creatures and the Bram Stoker nominated Legion Series, is the Friday Evening Keynote. Meredith Mileti, Author of Aftertaste, is the Saturday Luncheon Keynote. Phil Sexton from Writer’s Digest is the Keynote for the Friday Networking Lunch. Jason Pinter, Editor In Chief of Polis Books, is the Friday Published Penns Luncheon Keynote.

Meet with 13 literary agents and editors and pitch. Choose from over 50 + workshops. Pre-conference writing intensives Story Structure using SAVE THE CAT with Jessica Brody , Revision using The Book Architecture Method with Stuart Horowitz, and Building Your Author Brand with Lisa Kastner.

Space is limited. Register soon!


Charli Mac


hny14Another year has gone by. Many a writing promise fulfilled and ignored. Here’s to another year of writing. Here’s to another year of getting it done.

2014 is shaping up to be an amazing year for Pennwriters. We will have a new website in the coming months, so look for that Area 6 members. It will have a forum and the blog will be interactive for all of Pennwriters.

The Pennwriters Annual Conference is May 16-18th at the Eden Resort in Lancaster, PA. Kami Garcia is our Keynote Speaker and we have many others coming to speak and present. Hope to see you there!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Grand Launch BlogHop – Broken words whispered in the Dark

Grand Launch BlogHop – Broken words whispered in the Dark.

Join the Kintsugi Poets as we celebrate dark poetry…the Kintsugi Poets Society is celebrating our grand launch with a poetry blog hop. Enjoy!

The society welcomes dark poets to join…check the blog for information.

via Grand Launch BlogHop – Broken words whispered in the Dark.

Apiary 6 Launch Party!



People, it’s Issue 6.

6 is considered the most harmonious of single-digit numbers. In the words of the Internet numerologists, “people are drawn to the loving, magnetic energy of the 6 vibration.”

This launch party is all about LOVE. Of our city, of our writers, of one another, of the better world you’re writing into being every day.

And who better to headline than Sonia Sanchez, Poet Laureate of Philadelphia, renowned peaceful warrior, and artistic mother to generations of young Philly poets?

7:30 – 10 p.m.: Readings by Sonia Sanchez, Philadelphia Youth Poet Laureates, and APIARY 6 Contributors (with funk/jazz dance breaks from The Signifying Monks)

10 p.m. – 2 a.m.: LOVE HEX DANCE PARTY The DJ spins til 2.

Admission: Sliding scale $7-10.

Underground Arts, 12th and Callowhill


About APIARY: APIARY Magazine is an all-volunteer literary organization dedicated to nurturing and celebrating the literary arts in Philadelphia, and to fostering cross-cultural understanding among Philadelphians through literary expression and collaboration.

Local Author Event: Schuylkill County

Mahanoy City, PA: Speculative fiction author Ash Krafton will be appearing at a book talk at 1 PM Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at the Mahanoy City Public Library, where she will share her work, sign books, and announce the release of her second urban fantasy novel BLOOD RUSH.

BLOOD RUSH: BOOK TWO OF THE DEMIMONDE continues the tale about a woman who finds herself inextricably submerged in a world of demivampires, werewolves, and mystical oracles. Set in fictional Balaton, a city in southeast Pennsylvania, Blood Rush follows an advice columnist-turned-oracle named Sophie whose empathic talents have earned her a revered place within Demivampire society.

Krafton first began the Books of the Demimonde with BLEEDING HEARTS (Pink Narcissus Press, 2012), a story that combined vampires and ancient Egyptian mythology. The story follows the race of demivampires, whose origin lies with the Egyptian god Horus, the falcon-headed god of the sky. The demivampires aren’t the only supernatural beings with divine ancestry–Horus is also the forefather of Werekind. “There is a long-standing tension between the demivamps and the weres in my story,” Krafton says. “Despite their common ancestry, there is a lot of misunderstanding and prejudice. Sophie finds herself in the middle of the two races and learns that the demivamps aren’t the only ones who depend upon her for a little bit of redemption.”

Krafton also explores the demivamp equivalent of drug abuse and its consequences. Consuming blood for pure thrill is a misuse of the resource and is called “blood rush” for the high it creates. Illicit use can further a demivamp’s change into full vampire, the change known to the DV as “evolution”. Unfortunately, it’s also the only available treatment for a certain DV condition, one that has afflicted a close friend’s daughter. Sophie finds herself playing a dangerous game with Rodrian, her ex-lover’s brother, when he gets hooked on blood rush–and her.

BLOOD RUSH: BOOK TWO OF THE DEMIMONDE (Pink Narcissus Press) is available May 14, 2012 in trade paperback and e-book formats.

Pushcart Prize nominee Ash Krafton is also the author of a growing list of novels, short stories, and poetry. She resides in the heart of the Pennsylvania anthracite coal region with her family and bossy German Shepherd dog.

The book talk is scheduled for 1 PM on Wednesday, May 8, 2013. Junior high to adults are welcome to attend the session. Books will be available for purchase and the author will be holding a raffle.


Pennwriters 2013 Conference- Register Now!

2013Conferenceflyer_001 (612x792)The 26th Annual Pennwriters Conference Registration is open and filling up fast. Registration for the Pre-Conference Writing Intensives is open as well:





Check out the Pennwriters site and register while there is still space available. Don’t miss a great conference filled with workshops, industry professionals, and fellow writers.

It’s Pennwriters Annual Writing Contest Time Again! Deadline January 31st!

From: Colette Garmer, Area 3, Contest Coordinator

The 2013 Pennwriters Annual Writing Contest is underway.  As I prepare myself for another round of entries, I can’t help but feel excited all over again. I’m eager to see what this year’s contest will bring.

I’m proud to announce that our second-round team of judges will include Hank Phillippi Ryan, Hallie Ephron, Mary Pickard, Marcus Sakey, Scott Paulsen and Bruce DeSilva.

If you are a Published Penn and would like to volunteer for first-round judging, please email me, and I will send you the link to apply. Judges come and go for various reasons. We are always looking for good judges.

Here are the categories of our contest. Multiple entries are allowed with the proper entry fees:

• Novel Beginning—Submit no more than 10 pages.

Include your genre so we can match your entry with a suitable judge. $15 entry fee per piece.

• Short Story—Submit no more than 10 pages.

Include your genre so we can match your entry with a suitable judge. $15 entry fee per story.

• Non-Fiction—This includes Creative Non-Fiction or Narrative Non-Fiction. Submit no more than

10 pages. $15 entry fee per piece.

• Article—Submit no more than 10 pages. $15 entry fee per article.

• Poetry—up to 40 lines per poem. $15 entry fee for up to three poems (3 poems/$15; 6 poems/$30)

This year, we are pleased to offer the option to submit entries electronically. Digital entries sent via email will save you the expense of copying and mailing your submissions and save postage and supplies fees for Pennwriters. Digital and paper entries will receive the same detailed score sheet and comments. Well, mostly the same… writers who opt for digital won’t have to decipher any cryptic handwritten comments from judges! Paper entries will still be accepted, but I encourage everyone to try the electronic submission option. The money currently being spent to mail entries to judges, print scoring sheets, and purchase office supplies could then be used to provide additional benefits to members.

Elecronic submissions – Enter Electronically

Submissions open January 1, 2013.Paper Entries:

Rules and submission address click here: paper entries

Mailing address for paper entries is toward the bottom after clicking on above link.

All entries must be postmarked by Jan 31, 2013.

All entries must be submitted by Jan 31, 2013.

Electronic submissionsEnter Electronically

Judging Criteria now available for review here!

Paper submissions to Colette Garmer. Go to Paper Rules and address link – top right of  Writing Contest – Open.

Helpful Formatting Tips

To Save an Entry if RTF (Rich Text Format)

Choose “File” then “Save As” then look down to the “Format” box in the center of your pop up box that shows you how you currently have the entry saved, and look to the right where there are arrows (carets) pointing in opposite directions.  Click on  the arrows (carets) so a box drops down with common formats.  Choose “Rich Text Format” rtf, then go down to the bottom right hand corner and click “Save.”

Help saving an Entry created on Mac Pages as RTF

If using a Mac and you created the entry in “Pages” go to “File” then “Export” then choose “Word.  Then “Next”.  Then save it to your desktop and hit “Export.”

Now open the new Word Doc you just made and go to “File” and choose “Save As” then choose “RTF.”

To Make 25 :Lines per page in Word

Choose “Format” on the tool bar at the top, then choose “Paragraph” from the menu.  On this pop up menu item choose the “Line Spacing” box and look to the right where there are arrows (caret) pointing in the opposite directions.  Click on the arrows (caret) so a box drops down with spacing choices.  Choose “Exactly” and to the right where it says “At” and choose 26 pt, then click “OK” at the bottom right corner.

To Change your Font Color to Black

Hold down your left button on your mouse and drag it across the text you want to highlight.  Release your finger and click the “A” over a colored bar in the upper tool bars, usually on the right hand side.  Click on the arrow (caret) pointing downward, choose the black box on the color chart shown and click on it.